T A L K / All About Coffee


To know me is to love me. To love me is to know that I #wantloveneed coffee first thing in the morning. Every morning. And, it must be good coffee. Not marginal coffee. Not coffee left over from before vacation two weeks ago…but good fresh coffee. I make no bones about it. I don’t apologize for it. And, I don’t think there’s any problem with this obsession / addiction / cult-like ritual.

I will go to great lengths to ensure that I, and any coffee drinking guest or family member, has a 100% satisfaction report when it comes to that first cup of coffee. After all, for those of you who drink coffee, you know nothing compares to that first cup. In fact, nothing compares to that first sip. It’s pure bliss...ahhh! Namaste. Amen. A deep sigh of relief. An immediate affirmation that you can proceed with the day.

My preferred brewing method is pour over with Peet’s Coffee (specifically Guatemala San Sebastian…grab a pound HERE). There’s nothing better for an A-type personality than to have ultimate control over strength and temperature. Because like I said…that first cup is really important.


After several failed attempts with the in-room, one-cup coffee makers at hotels, or old-school Mr. Coffee makers included in vacation rentals, I’ve come to insist on room service (fresh large pot of coffee, cream and sugar, and a side of water) or take my systems with me. I told you…this is ME and I have needs. On a recent trip to Denver, I falsely assumed the rental house would have a kettle. When my options were limited, I resorted to a stove top pot to boil water, a transfer to a Pyrex measuring cup before ‘pouring over’ my Peet’s. It was quickly dubbed ‘Camping Coffee.’

I also love my Nespesso coffee (get your machine and pods HERE), for that afternoon coffee break. The benefit of a Nespresso machine is the variety of options, depending on your needs. Should you have a dinner party and that one guest insists on Decaf, you’ve got it. When you need a quick shot before a meeting, you’ve got it. When you wish you were in Italy having an Affogato dessert, grab your vanilla ice-cream, pull a shot, and enjoy. The pods are unparalleled and worth every penny. Note to self: if you don’t live next to a retail shop, sign up for an account online and they’ll arrive my mail in two days flat.

For those of you who prefer the quaint coffee shops with unique interiors, baked goods, and delicious coffee from friendly baristas, I’m right there with ya. So, please, do us all a favor and leave your must-see spots below in the comments. In exchange, I’ll give you the top three on my list. (Click on each picture for some IG eye candy…or shall we say coffee.)

  1. MAMAN: Where NYC reminds you to use your grandmother’s china tea cups for your everyday coffee….you know I’m doing it now. Thank you Kari Joy for this picture and details.

  2. CARRERA CAFE: Only in Los Angeles (on Melrose Ave.) are you served a side of celebrity with your coffee. My daughter and her beau enjoyed Kim Kardashian and Ryan Gosling at their recent visit.

  3. S3 COFFEE BAR: When you’re in San Diego, please stop at S3 for bright, bold, and beautifully colored lattes. Please photograph your order and report back!