M A I L / Write Your Address

sending letters.jpg

“Hey, thanks for the flowers.”

“Good luck on your test today…I know how hard you studied.”

“Listen, I’m so sorry for what happened last night…I was frustrated and overreacted.”

We’ve all been there.  We’ve had these thoughts and occasionally uttered them routinely and robotically over that first cup of coffee.  Every once and a while, we’ll wait for a quiet moment to send a text instead. This prevents us from being interrupted, take care of the obligation and move on with our day?

However.  (yep…you knew that was coming!)  How heartfelt are our messages conveyed when we’re multi-tasking in the morning? Are we checking a box or really expressing ourselves earnestly? Does the recipient feel valued or a sense of genuine sincerity when we say something like that in passing?

Answers: our message are less heartfelt than they could be. We tend to 'check the box’ for convenience. And, I would say we could be more sincere.

Is there an alternative? Can we practice patience and take the time to say more. Mean more. Be more gracious, supportive, apologetic or sympathetic?

History and experience tell me that when I take the time to write a letter instead of throwing out a passing comment, my thoughts and emotions not only have clarity, but a lasting impression as well.  The appreciation for ‘time spent’ to express myself has immeasurable value.

So I challenge you to STOP, DROP & WRITE a letter from your house to your house.  Yes, I mean sit down, grab a card and pen and scribe your thoughts, apology, funny story, well wishes, or praise to someone in your household.  Address it.  Stamp it. Put in your mailbox or drop it at the post office in your travels.  It will go straight to the main USPS headquarters in your county to be sorted, scanned, and sent back again before arriving in your own mailbox.

Yes, this will take two days. Yes, you could have just sent a text instead.  But I urge you to try it my way just once.  Patience will prevail, prove to be a powerful tool and likely reward you greatly with all kinds of #feels for your ‘experiment.’ 

Then be sure to follow up here and let me know how it went. What do you say? Are you up for the letter-writing challenge?