A R T I S T / Olive & Co.


Behind-the-scenes at the One-Per-Week headquarters (which is my office downstairs off the kitchen) involves a multitude of activities on a daily basis. From planning, to processing, to paperwork, and packaging…and lots of timely consuming details in between. But, my absolute most favorite part of running OPW is getting to know the talented artists behind the makings of each card. No matter the medium, style, or design, I’m in complete AWE of their talent. Every time. Every artist. Every card.

Besides the jubilation I feel when finding the perfect card to round out a theme, I’m always curious about the back story. What’s the inspiration for this particular card? Was this the first rendition? Should I ask to see others? Would he/she care if I nosied up a few additional questions during the course of my OCD flare up to want to know more? One order place and I consider us besties, right? At least that’s my excuse for being curious (aka nosy).

I decided Artist Interviews were crucial in making this Blog authentic. For without them, there would be no greeting cards. Without their beautiful cards, there would be no OPW. Without OPW, I’d be working at See’s Candies. So, off we go with Faye Hurley of Olive & Co.

Besides name, rank, and serial number, I asked Faye, ‘what drives you to create?’


“I am moved to create because of something somewhere deep in my gut. Whatever that thing is, it’s what causes me to feel unsettled if I see something that moves me creatively and I do no sit down and try to express the feeling it gives me, usually on paper but sometimes it spills out into other mediums. I am most certainly “driven” to create because i simply cannot go very long without expressing creativity in one form or another. Even if it’s just rearranging a room in my house, which I do all too often, to the dismay of my husband.”

W O W. Yep, I’m right there with ya…that stopped me in my tracks too. I’m guessing it’s like musicians that hear music in their heads and need to compose. Or characters and plots that drop into the head of an author and out their pen when scribing a story. I can only relate it to the gravitational pull of cleaning out a drawer, shelf in the laundry room, or blowing leaves in the back yard when I’m anxious or super busy. Although, maybe that’s not exactly the same thing after all.

Faye goes on to explain that inspiration comes from ‘fine art, plants and vegetation, fashion, and architecture.’ Lucky for you that falls into several OPW themes for 2019. She studied fashion design in college and has a flare for avant grade designers like Victor & Rolf, Gareth Pugh, and Vivienne Westwood. And, in keeping up with the trends, Faye is currently dabbling in mid-century modern retrospective. Just knowing this has me wanting a private tour of her home. If it’s anything like her primarily black and white office…it’s Bad A$$ and needs to be seen.


All the magic of Olive & Co. takes place in her home studio in Worcester, MA. While she is a one-woman Boss Lady, she does employ two live-in ‘assistants,’ Olive who just turned five and Frida Jean who is two and a half. Prior to having them in school / day care full time, the battle of time for parenting vs. painting was REAL. Being a parent and creative entrepreneur myself, I understand this gentle juggling act..as do most people in our industry. Perhaps that’s why the built in support system in this community, online, within meet-ups, etc. is so strong.

I asked Faye what she would be doing if she wasn’t painting.

“If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing now, I’d either be a party planner or interior decorator. I love creating beautiful spaces and environments. For now I just decorate my own home and plan my kids parties, which gives me much joy and serves as the perfect outlet.”

I so want to get inside her house now.

As for the future of Olive & Co., expect to see tea towels and enamel keychains added to the magical mix. ETA: to be determined. Yahoo to that. While I can’t include those in your OPW shipments, you know more Olive & Co. cards are coming your way in 2019. For her complete line of cards, wall art, and journals, visit her website.