T A L K / National Ballpoint Pen Day

June 10th– National Ballpoint Pen Day

Today is the day us pen aficionados take pride in honoring all the pens we’ve collected, spent money on, hoarded, hid, and maybe even unintentionally pilfered. It’s a day to glorify the variety of options we have at our fingertips, praise the pen for providing us with elevated penmanship, and swoon over the variety of colors we have to choose from.

As it clearly states on the National Day Calendar website, “this particular day commemorates the ballpoint pen and marks the anniversary of the patent filing on June 10, 1943.” Prior to this, one had to try their hand at scribbling messages, doodling, letter writing, or bill paying with quill and ink, a fountain pen or pencil. Imagine that!

I, for one, have a few fountain pens in my collection…and can tell you it takes time, practice, and a soft touch to get that ink to glide consistently and smoothly over the paper. As for the smear factor of a fountain pen, that’s for another post altogether.

Apparently several inventors attempted and failed to have their ballpoint pens patented due to uneven ink distribution, overflow and clogging issues.  Personally, I find the ink flow to be a critical decision making characteristic when purchasing a new pen.  For me, a bold and beautiful medium tip pen releases too much ink. While smearing is a huge concern, the greater impact and struggle is the direct correlation of ink flow to my penmanship.


I know, it sounds silly.  However, for some reason, my inconsistent handwriting seems equally dependent on my finger muscles (or old age aches), whether I’ve lathered in lotion, the weight and texture of the paper, and most importantly what pen I’m using. Please tell me I’m not the only one? Disclaimer: fear of judgment prevents me from officially including mood, fingernail length, counter space and material, and purpose for writing to the aforementioned list.

So this brings me to a very important question, do you prefer a medium or fine tip when it comes to the ballpoint pen?  I’d love to have an unofficial poll…so please comment below. I’ll start. I prefer a fine tip and usually blue ink over black.  Logic and output tells me that my writing looks neater and you can see answers to questions on forms better when using blue ink.

At my fingertips at all times are the following beloved ballpoint pens (from left to right).


1. Horizon Needle Point
Color varieties available at: Goods for the Study (*)

2. Hello Kitty Multifunctional (Circa 1995?)
Color and character varieties available at: Sanrio

3. Mark’s Tous les Jours Fine Tip
Color varieties available at: Mayday Press

4. Ballograf Epoca – Sweden
Color varieties available at: Goods for the Study (*)

5. Copper Metallic Pen
Available at Kikkerland

6. Food Critic Custom Pen
Collaboration with Public School Paper
Included in One-Per-Week - Foodie Fanatic Subscription Box

7. Everyday Ballpoint Pen
Pink and Black available at Ohmeed

8. Kaweco Student Ballpoint Clear
Available at Pen Boutique

9. Craft Design Tech Multifunctional
Available at Goods for the Study (*)

10. Meisterstuck White Solitaire Classique Mont Blanc
Available at Mont Blanc

Now it’s your turn. What are your go-pens? What do you keep in your purse or work bag?  Do you keep your faves with you or secretly and securely hidden at your desk at home? Let’s break it down friends…consider this a free therapy session, with easy access links to add to your collection. After all, stopping cold turkey can cause the shakes. So, I’m granting you permission to pick up one or two more based on my list and those of our trusty peers…so stop back to read the comments and recommendations.

When all is said and done, the love of pens is connected to the love of paper and letter-writing.  So, today, of all days, let’s STOP DROP and WRITE!

(*) NOTE: While you can certainly shop online at Goods for the Study, the selection nowhere compares to what you’ll find in the shop. It’s an experience of a pen-loving lifetime. If you’re anywhere near NY, make a special trip to the shop itself (234 Mulberry Street New York, NY 10012). You’ll thank me.