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Did you know that April is National Letter Writing month? An entire month dedicated to encouraging people to stop, drop, and write. Actually the encouragement comes from the USPS, and the pressure to stop what you’re doing ‘write’ now and put pen to paper is all from me. I issue that slight, but firm, command with love and support…the same way a parent reiterates to a child, “don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today!”

What’s the point, you ask?

Simply put: nothing compares to receiving a hand written letter in the mail. It’s easy, therapeutic, fosters creativity, is relatively inexpensive (on par to a small nonfat latte), and you get to claim responsibility for making someone smile.

Grab your coffee and strap yourself in for my mini lecture on the importance of a 5-10 minute task you have the pleasure of doing. “There’s no better time than the present.” (I can’t help it…these sayings are so appropriate.) Especially during the month of April when you have the support from your paper loving pals, local and online stationery shops. Do a quick Google search of #nationalletterwritingmonth on Instagram and you’ll happily get lost of a sea of stationery posts.

For those of us obsessed with pen, paper, and stamps of all kinds, April is the perfect month to use our collectibles…and to buy a few more. Embellishing envelopes can be simple and fun…especially with rubber stamp companies creating new snail mail stamps all the time..


  1. Please Deliver To” - available at Paper Sushi

  2. “If you only knew…” and “It’s not the journey” - available at Hello World Paper Co (enter OPWSTAMPS at checkout for 15% all snail mail stamps)

  3. Vintage Return Address available at 2 Impress

Pen pals and snail mailers alike aim to elevate the look of an envelope by using must-have rainbow pack of pens or be precise with the curls of calligraphy strokes as deemed essential by online teachers. Since I default to print most of the time, skipping over cursive to calligraphy is a challenge all on its own. That’s why I signed up for an online course by Printable Crush. Erin is patient with the process and provides lots of practice sheets for me to self-pace through the modules when time allows.


Letter writers are known to clear the kitchen table and spread out hoarded greeting cards, stickers and stamps.  We may even set the mood with music and a fresh cup of coffee or glass of wine. But that’s certainly not required for a successful letter writing session. We can also sit down at a cluttered desk with piles of bills and papers to file and still write a letter directly on top…to ensure it gets out in that day’s mail.

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We love lifting the lever on the side of the mail box or chatting it up with the clerks at our local US Post Office. I’m sure April, Rita, and Lily are all thrilled with my daily visits to the counter. At least their smiles, and ‘hello Lori’ greetings tell me this to be true.

And finally there’s the anticipation we get from waiting until the letter arrives in the intended recipient’s mailbox. We may not know exactly when it arrives…but that’s part of the pleasure. We know they’ll be surprised. We know that ten minutes of our time has brightened someone’s day. Personally, I aim for at least one (letter) per week all year round. Sounds like a perfect name for a company, doesn’t it? Keep reading for more details about One-Per-Week and a special discount code just for you!

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As part of this year’s letter writing mission, I decided to jump on board with the Write_On Challenge, sponsored by Egg Press and Hello Lucky. “What started as a campaign (in 2014) has grown over the years and evolved into a global movement.” I invite you to get lost in feel-good pages of their website. Take it a step further and join their Facebook page (here). It’s where you’ll find the love, encouragement and inspiration from other letter writers around the world. I’ve met some incredibly kind and uplifting ladies that love paper, pen, and office necessities as much as I do.  

We are only in week two of the challenge…and it’s not too late to grab your goods and start ‘write’ now.  Whether it’s a postcard, thank you note, story, or funny joke, I promise the recipient of your letter will be moved to squeal when opening the mailbox. Don’t you want to be responsible for that?

Lots of resources are available online at Write On Campaign or click the individual links below.

Tools & Tutorials | Communities & Clubs | Books and Blogs | Write to Those in Need

For those of you interested in continuing with your letter writing commitment after the challenge, why not try monthly deliveries of greeting cards + a matching pen, with a One-Per-Week subscription box. To encourage you a little further, enjoy 10% of your 3MO and 6MO subscriptions by using WRITEON at checkout, now thought 4-20-19. (Your first box will ship out on schedule around 4-23-19)