M A I L / The Postage Party

mail day.JPG

A real conversation between Lily, our local postal clerk, and myself on a recent visit to the USPS service window.

Lily: “Wow. What beautiful stamps.”
Lori: “Thanks…I agree.”
Lily: “Do you collect them?”
Lori: “Me? No…just buy them.”
Lily: “Oh. You don’t want to save them?”
Lori: “What? Save them? For what?”
Lily: “Uh…I don’t know…a collection.”
Lori: “A collection of stamps?  And, keep people from enjoying this in their mailbox?  No way…no can do.”
Lily: “Oh. I have a collection of stamps…”
Lori: “You do? You should use them…or sell them to me and let me us them…”

Lily smiled and continue processing my order and mailing my letters and packages.

You have to envision a big warm, and somewhat pleading smile on my face as I spoke those last few words during this conversation while handing over the current stack of outgoing mail to Lily. Collect stamps? Ok, sure, I know that’s a ‘thing’ and am aware of the hunting, collecting and desire to preserve rare and limited edition stamps from various points of time in history for their stories and value.


For those of you like me, who love letter writing, creating happy mail, surprising someone with something unexpected and beautiful in the mailbox, hoarding postage stamps would be considered a sin. The colors. The images. Adding up the nominal values required to reach today’s first class letter mailing rate…it’s a game of Tetris with a calculator. 

For me, there is just pure and simple pleasure in the pictures, postage, and placement for each and every letter. That’s all there is to it. I’ve added color, filled in blank space on the envelope, enhanced the envelope to look like the journey it takes from one destination to another.

practice calligraphy.JPG

Once you lick the back of these vintage gems (I know…I think of that Seinfeld episode with George, his fiancé, and the wedding invitations too), and stick them on one at a time, you’ll be hooked. You can either start with strategically placing the postage stamps on the envelope or you can write the recipient’s address first. If you choose the second option, be sure to shimmy on over towards the left side of the envelope for extra stamp space needed later. You’ll thank me. Either way, take a deep breath and plunge into what I call, The Postage Party. Don’t be ashamed for your initial stamp collection to begin with smaller denomination stamps found at your local post office or online (HERE). They’re still colorful, fun and look beautiful on the envelope.

outgoing mail.JPG

Or you can acquaint yourself with my new pal Patrick and his Etsy shop, Edelweiss Post. I discovered this page on Instagram last year because the posts were like visual eye candy, each one yummier than the previous. I was (and still am) in awe of his hand calligraphy, color-coordinated envelope décor, and various themes that popped up on his page daily.  After months of liking his posts and clicking around further, I discovered the truth about Patrick of Edelweiss Post. I falsely assumed his ‘outgoing mail’ was part of some pen-pal community I was left out of. Where I failed was in my assumption and avoidance of just ‘clicking on the link in profile,’ a phrase all small business owners use on IG to direct traffic to their websites.  DUH. 

Yes…I discovered that Patrick does essentially have ‘pen pals’ all over the world. But more than that, they are also his customers.  Edelweiss Post is his company where he sells vintage postage stamps by color and theme, and his posts represent his orders. Outgoing mail. Snail mail. Happy mail. Personalized mail. They buy his stamps to enjoy in their own collections or, like me, to use on personal letters to bring our envelopes to life. 

“Edelweiss Post honors and encourages ‘real mail’ by offering unused vintage postage. I have carried on my grandfather’s stamp collecting legacy by carefully curating a collection of my own to share with you and for you, in turn to pass on to others.  Edelweiss Post offers you postage stamps, which you can choose by themes, holiday, geographic location, and color combinations. Make an impression before the envelope is even opened…and make someone’s day at the same time!” ~Most Postfully Yours, Patrick

There is nothing more spectacular than receiving an order and personal note from Patrick. His envelopes are like mini works of art, worthy of being framed, or the very least treasured as inspiration for respectful imitation. Can you find my order in one of the above images? It’s there, I promise.

Do yourself (and your letters) a favor and place an order from Patrick. You won’t be disappointed…and your happy mail will make other people happy too.

P.S. Be sure to circle back and let me know which stamps you ordered. Better yet, DM me a picture of your first Postage Party envelope on our One-Per-Week Instagram page HERE.